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Just a short not to once again say thanks again for your efforts in bringing back to a state where I can once again work as a full-time football coach properly. I was left with nothing and your expert surgery has given me a new lease of life.

I know my operation was somewhat out of the ordinary and the two previous attempts to repair it didn’t leave me with a lot of hope. I was in a position where I could barely walk on the beach without my knee dislocating. Since your repair I am able to coach fully and even join in some games.

People have expectations and assumptions but I didn’t based on experience. Most only contact the hospital or their doctors when they want to complain, but I wanted to say thanks.

Also, dare I say there is a reputation of doctors and surgeons being aloof and difficult to communicate with. You have been warm, professional and understanding over the years of rehabilitation. A credit to your profession and I have recommended you to the two professional clubs I work with.

– TMcC


I am extremely grateful to Mr Manjure who performed my total knee replacement operation on 30.11.2013. I am now able to walk without any aids and my family are very impressed and amazed at the speed of my recovery. At the age of 83 years, it had made a great deal of difference to my quality of life and I cannot thank him enough.

– Mrs A Macdonald, Luton, Beds


I had accident playing basketball back home in Nigeria over 30 years ago . I never thought it will be a problem again until about 15 years ago when the pain started but never for long. In the last 10 years, it has become serious that I struggle to move freely after standing for too long . Then I approached my GP and he gave me a list of surgeons to call. I am glad I choose Mr M.Manjure out of the list of over 30 specialist (surgeons). On our initial meeting, he was so reassuring that he made me relaxed and forgot about the pain. The care, procedural review and his attention to details made me realised that my problem might soon be over.

On the day of the surgery, he came to see me to explain the procedure again, got me admitted and prepare for surgery. At the end of the day, he came back to ask how I was doing and same the next day. After discharged I went back three weeks later for x-ray and he told me I was doing great, the review went well, I saw the x- rays before and after the procedure, and it was perfect.

Mr Manjure and his staff were so good that they have given me a new lease of life. I have a lot of respect for how he handled the whole process including the physiotherapy and continuous advise and review check-ups.

Many thanks for a job well done

- IP – A


Operation: Right Total Hip Replacement operation on 26th October 2013

In response to your letter dated 14th March, I enclose copy of the letter I sent at the time of the first hip replacement operation on my left hip a few months beforehand. The sentiments are the same and I hope will serve the same purpose.

I hope you are all well

- S RW